Sunday, October 4, 2009

Now where to begin????

Like many other young women my age, I seem to invest a large amount of time obsessing over what I look like. Let's not deny it, girls - we probably have at least five little fits of jealousy whenever we turn on our TV's each day, and see those perfect women. It is infuriating! We start questioning ourselves: Why doesn't my ass look like hers? Could I ever be that perfect? And we jump to the conclusion that because she appears to be perfect, that she is happy, happier than we could ever be unless we too have that whopping cleavage and those long legs. 
It is for this reason that I would like to focus on society's rules about how we must look, as I believe that these rules are some of the most paramount in my life - way, way too paramount.

To test that my claim of being completely enslaved by society's rules on how I must look, I am going to compile a list of all the things that I like, and that I do not like about my body, and then I will compare the sizes of these two lists. Please feel free to do the same and share your findings and feelings right here! Results will be posted tomorrow...   

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